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The refereed journal of the European Association for Dance History,  Choreologica aims to provide a forum for historical and theoretical explorations of dance histories and practices. These may include analyses of individual works or investigations, whether they may be monographic, contextual or interdisciplinary. The Editorial Board of EADH will gladly consider articles for publication. Submissions may address topics ranging from past dance practices to contemporary themes. More in particular, the editorial board welcomes essays rethinking current approaches and theoretical understanding of dance practice, history or crossovers into other disciplines.

All previous issues are available in PDF format here (members only).


Current Issue

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Vol. 11, no. 1 - Winter/Spring 2021 - Contents:

  • Susan Hamlin, 'Les Indes Galantes, an Opéra-Ballet Rediscovered: Les Sauvages on the French Stage'

  • Madeleine Inglehearn, 'The Prince and the Dancing Master'

  • Ricardo Barros, 'From the "Terreiro" to the "Paço": The extraordinary journey of the ‘Lundú’ over the centuries, continents and social strata'

  • Catarina Costa e Silva, 'Corremo, sartamo, bolimo cos pé... dance elements in 17th century polyphonic repertory of Santa Cruz
    de Coimbra'

  • Tiziana Leucci, 'The 16th century Portuguese travel accounts on the origin of the Indian dancer character of the "Bayadère" in
    the European literary and stage productions'

  • Geoffrey Withlock, Report on the 2019 EADH Conference held in Porto

  • Sheila Dickie, Tribute to John Travis

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