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Choreologica is the journal of the European Association for Dance History.  Our previous journals were all in printed form but from 2024 we are going paperless, and our historical journals are now available on-line in PDF format.


It is our aim to provide a forum for historical and theoretical explorations of dance histories and practices.  Articles for submission are welcomed. These may include analyses of individual works, or investigations, whether they be monographic, contextual, or interdisciplinary. Submissions may address topics ranging from past dance practices to contemporary themes.


The editorial board particularly welcomes articles rethinking current approaches and theoretical understanding of dance practice, history, or crossovers into other disciplines.


All submissions are reviewed by the committee prior to publication and our editor will be in touch with comments, questions, and suggestions as needed. Any alterations will only be made with full agreement of the author prior to publication on the website. Once fully edited and agreed the article will be available for download as a PDF file from the website. It will be open access and not limited to 'members only' as before. This gives authors internet presence for their submissions which were previously limited to members of EADH only.


There are two categories for submissions:


Research Articles

Research articles are primarily those which explore theoretical ideas related to dance practice.


Essays/Academic Blogs

These can be shorter and slightly less formal in essence but should enlighten and encourage debate on the subject matter.



Submission Requirements


All Submissions must be in English. If the original document is in any other language, it must be translated professionally to ensure the standard of English for academic discourse is maintained. Any quotations from other language sources should also be translated. Titles, technical terms etc. can remain in the original language. The editor will discuss these elements where necessary when reviewing the submitted document prior to publication.


Any photographic or academic copyright must be cleared by the authors prior to submission. Authors will be liable for any breaches of such copyright.

If you have any questions, please contact the editor.



To submit an article please get in touch via the contact form

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