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Forthcoming Conferences
The EADH organises annual conferences, each of them taking place in different host European countries.

EADH conference, 2023

'Queerness in Dance History'

Dates and venue to be announced soon

Utrech, The Netherlands



In unsettled times marked by conflicts and threats, the conference proposes a reflection on how politics, war and peace have affected and/or have been represented in dance throughout history.

Join us for three days of intensive intelectual reflection and physical incitement, covering a wide range of specialities and time periods, brought forward by the exponents in dance history:

Britta Wenn & Hassan Khalil

Tahtib – From pharaonic martial art and soldier training to an Egyptian folk dance

Christine Bayle

Le Ballet de la Merlaison - Preparing for war

Jane Gingell

Queen Christina’s ballets: feminist, pacifist and environmentalist

Pilar Montoya Chica

La Guerra: Entremés nuevo de Antonio de Zamora (1716)

Catarina Costa e Silva

Balle de las Danças

Anne Deller & Kath Waters

The Marlborough – an English dance to celebrate a military victory

Keith Cavers

Men are from Mars: Bellona’s buddies

Sarah McCleave

Dancer and diplomat: the career of Emilie Bigottini

Alena Schmakova

Political balls in the Scottish capital between 1746 and 1822

Susan de Guardiola

Waltzing with the bear

Lisa Fusillo

What is it about those Swans?  The politics of swans in war and peace

Jane Pritchard

War and politics in music hall ballets

Sharon Phelan

Dance as a political weapon during the Irish uprising against Britain at the turn of the twentieth century

Anja Arend

A story of rescue - Khamma by Maud Allan and Claude Debussy (1911/12)

Gonzalo Preciado-Azanza

The Three-Cornered Hat´s Aragonese jota, a dance conceived in times of war

Carmel McKenna

Irish Céilí Dance as a vehicle for subversion in 1930s Ireland

Susan Hamlin

Expatriate payback

Tiziana Leucci

The triumph of death: War, Resistance & Exile in Kurt Jooss The Green Table. Death’s Dance (1932)

Rosemarie Gerhard & Lauren Showler

British Ballet at War

Anita Makuzsewska

Mankurt – choreographic images of the enslaved mind and body in Leonid Lebedev’s Legend of Donenbay Bird. Mankurt

Thiago Alixandre Cunha



Alena Shmakova

Dancing for the King: recreation of ‘Strathspey for two’ based on the Strathspey setting steps from the 'Contre-Danses à Paris, 1818' MS (Ms 3860, NLS)

Anne Deller & Kath Waters

The Marlborough, countrydance

Susan de Guardiola

Social dances celebrating the Franco-Russian Alliance


You may join us in person or via Zoom.:

> Full conference fee: £90

   In person attendance Fri 28 to Sun 30 October 2022

> Student conference fee: £45

   In person attendance Fri 28 to Sun 30 October 2022

> Online conference fee: £30

   Online attendance via Zoom from Fri 28 to Sun 30 October 2022

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