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Following the success of  the En cadence, s’il vous plait!  dance and music conference in Autumn 2012, the European Association of Dance Historians gladly announces its next conference, in collaboration with the RAD-Royal Academy of Dance

Teaching Dance History: Histories of Dance Teaching

Historical and pedagogical perspectives on Dance

Saturday 1st  and Sunday 2nd November 2014

Royal Academy of Dance, London

The conference provides a forum for two different lines of enquiry and potential conversations between them. The first concerns the challenges in teaching dance history in a variety of learning contexts (secondary education, higher education, vocational training, teacher training, community dance, etc.). How do we, as teachers, choose what to teach and how do we engage today’s students in the historiographical process? Given the fundamental challenges of postmodernism, what ‘narratives’ are to be included in a dance history curriculum and how do we promote history as both theory and practice?

The second line of enquiry concerns the historical development of dance teaching and the economic, social, cultural and artistic contexts which shape concepts of education, training and learning. How do we know that what we do today is ‘best practice’ and what can be learned by looking at dance education and teaching models from the past?



Deadlinef submission of papers: Deadline: 31st July 2014

Please send 2 copies of abstracts (maximum 500 words) Together with separate biography and details of technical requirements to:

EADH, 41 Talma Gardens, Twickenham Mddx. TW2 7RB or by email:




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