Forthcoming Conferences
The EADH organises annual conferences, each of them taking place in different host European countries.

EADH conference, 2022

'Dance, Disease & Healing'

Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd October 2021

At the BBO-British Ballet Organization, Battersea, London

& online



In the extraordinary circumstances we currently live, the conference proposes a reflection on how dance, disease, healing, and death have walked hand-in-hand throughout history. How have disease, disability and death been portrayed in dance? How have illnesses afflicted dancers and their audiences?

Join us either in person or online for an exciting, enlightening and unique weekend full of activities, to include the following papers:

  • Michaela Mettel, 'Dance, Women and physical Education in Early Modern Italy'.

  • Sergey Konaev, 'Trauma and disease as an engine for development of dance notation'.

  • Tiziana Leucci, 'Dance, trance, possession and healing : an autobiographical journey from South Italy to South India'.

  • Christine Bayle, 'A sophisticated dance practice, in its past and future - French sources 1550-1750'.

  • Keith Cavers, '"Let me have men about me that are fat": historical extremes of body weight and type'.

  • Pilar Montoya Chica, '"Turumbé con la turumbela; vamos bailando la tantarantela": the presence of the Tarantella dance in Spain'.

  • Edith Lalonger, 'The "Filles du magasin" - health and working conditions of novice female dancers at the Palais-Royal, c.1713'.

  • Jane Pritchard, 'Two Topsys - A look at the impact of serious injury on the careers of two dancers at the turn of the C19th/C20th'.

  • Sheila Dickie, 'Older People Dancing'.

  • Lisa Fusillo, 'Dance as Subtext for Survival - from Ma Raine's Black Bottom to TikTok'.

Workshops and demonstrations:

  • Lisa Fusillo, 'Dances from the 1920s and 2020s - Black Bottom, Charleston, Lindy, the Cupid Shuffle and a TikTok dance' (workshop).

  • Ricardo Barros, 'A Conceal'd Health - Country Dance' (workshop).

  • Ilaria De Simoni, 'The Tarantella & Pizzica' (demo & workshop).



  • Friday 22nd October - morning: conference papers at the BBO.

  • Friday afternoon: visit to the 'On Point: Royal Academy of Dance at 100' exhibition at the V&A.

  • Friday evening - conference dinner in South Kensington.

  • Saturday 23rd - daytime: conference papers, workshops and demo at the BBO, followed by the EADH Annual General Meeting and closing cocktail.


Schedule and Abstracts:

Conference fees include attendance to the conference proper (papers, workshops, demos, refeshments and buffet lunches), free admission and shuttle to V&A exhibition where applicable. Please note that Conference Dinner on Friday attract separate fees. Delegates are responsible for organising their own travel and accommodation in London.

  • Conference (Friday and Saturday): £75.

  • Conference (student fee): £35.

  • Conference (online fee, excluding workshops and demo): £25.

  • Conference dinner on Friday night requires reservation in advance, and shall be payable separately. Please indicate in the booking form if you wish to attend.