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The refereed journal of the European Association of Dance Historians, Choreologica aims to provide a forum for historical and theoretical explorations of dance histories and practices. These may include analyses of individual works or investigations, whether they may be monographic, contextual or interdisciplinary. The Editorial Board of EADH will gladly consider articles for publication. Submissions may address topics ranging from past dance practices to contemporary themes. More in particular, the editorial board welcomes essays rethinking current approaches and theoretical understanding of dance practice, history or crossovers into other disciplines.

Note for authors - Choreologica rules for submission

There are just a few points regarding submissions for publication:

- All articles must be submitted in English.

- All illustrations must be submitted in JPG format of at least 300 DPI. Any images at a lower resolution will not be of sufficient quality for publication.

- Any copyright permissions and payments regarding use of images under copyright are the responsibility of the submitting author.

- All articles will be subject to the Oxford 'Hart's Rules' and may be edited by our copy editor to ensure uniformity.

Please send any articles to the EADH committee at eadhcommittee@gmail.com


Current Issue




(only available to members)

Vol. 9, no. 1 - Summer 2018 - Contents:

- Christine Bayle, 'Musical and choreographic questions 1550-1625'

- Mojca Gal, 'Searching 'Je ne sçay-quoy'

- Marie-Hélène Delavaud-Roux, 'Jean-Georges Nouverre's ballets inspired by ancient Greece'

- Françoise Dartois Lapeyre, 'Connections between music and dance in Noverre's Ballets-Pantomimes 1776-1781'

- Helen Linkenbagh, 'Latching to music: the role of applied musical knowledge in classical ballet teaching'

- Caroline Konzen Castro, 'Gret Palucca: dance, music and pedagogy'

- Clare Lidbury, 'Rudolf Laban and Kurt Jooss: the good, the bad, and the very (un)fortunate'

- Madeleine Inglehearn, Report on the 2017 EADH Conference held in Dresden

- Geoffrey Whitlock, Tribute to Giannandrea Poesio

- Keith Cavers, Tribute to Ivor Guest



The EADH produces a termly newsletter, distributed electronically to members only. We welcome information for our newsletter. This could be regarding:

- workshops and courses

- performances

- conferences and study days

- exhibitions (themed around dance, or with a strong dance element)

...or any other issue, provided they are related to DANCE HISTORY.


Deadlines for submitting entries are as follows:

* Spring (1 January - 30 April) - Deadline: 1st December

* Summer (1 May - 31 August) - Deadline: 1st April

* Autumn/Winter (1 September - 31 December) - Deadline: 1 August


When sending your newsletter entry, please remember to add a website, email or telephone for contact, and prices if applicable (for courses and performances, for instance).

We look forward to receiving your information.