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The refereed journal of the European Association for Dance History, Choreologica aims to provide a forum for historical and theoretical explorations of dance histories and practices. These may include analyses of individual works or investigations, whether they may be monographic, contextual or interdisciplinary. Submissions may address topics ranging from past dance practices to contemporary themes. More in particular, the editorial board welcomes essays rethinking current approaches and theoretical understanding or dance practice, history or crossovers into other disciplines.

The committee has decided to make available, for free, issues older than 2015 in PDF format. Please scroll down for download links, which will appear immediately below the respective cover image.


Previous Issues




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Vol. 8, no. 1 - Winter 2016/Spring 2017 - Contents:

- Mary Collins, 'Who said elephants can't dance?'

- Matthew Werley, 'Grete Wiesenthal's 'latent' choreographies and Modernism's contested spaces: Modern dance in Vienna, 1906-08'

- Matthew Spring, 'Beyond the choreography - Social dance in context in Georgian Bath'

- Ricardo Barros and Nicolette Moonen, 'Quarelling brothers: The establishment of the Académie Royalle de Danse and changes in dance teaching'

- Carola Finkel, 'La princesse de Darmstadt - history and analysis of an early eighteenth century stage choreography'

- Madeleine Inglehearn, Report on the EADH Conference held in Prague



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Vol. 7, no. 1 - Autumn 2014 - Contents:

- Ricardo Barros, 'European roots of Brazilian Carnival parade'

- Françoise Dartois-Lapeyre, 'Don Juan dans le Ballet pantomime de Gluck et Angiolini', part II

- José Sasportes, 'Trois Orphées'

- Stephanie Schroedter, 'Ballet, Opera and social dance: Facets of a vivid exchange'

- Robert F. Waters, 'Through the looking glass: The relationship between music and dance in Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach'


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Vol. 6, no. 1 - Winter 2013 - Contents:

- Dominika Hens, 'Trisha Brown's choreographic staging of Rameau's Pygmalion'

- Susanna Avanzini, 'Orpheus und Eurydike according to Bausch / Gluck'

- Françoise Dartois-Lapeyre, 'Les relations de la danse avec la musique au siècle des lumières: point de vue des maîtres de ballet français'

- Sophia Preston, 'Mark Morris and Lou Harrison, "trans-ethnicism" and "elastic form"'

- Marie Louise Crawley, 'Musicalising the gesture'

- Helen Julia Minors, 'Soundpainting: navigating creativity'

- Elo Masing, 'Movement in Sound / Sound in Movement'


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Vol. 5, no. 1 - Spring 2011 - Contents:

- Françoise Dartois-Lapeyre, 'Don Juan dans le ballet pantomime de Gluck et Angiolini', part I

- Kathrine Sorley Walker, 'Multi-talented men', part II

- Book and DVD reviews


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Vol. 4, no. 2 - Winter 2009 - Contents:

- Kathrine Sorley Walker, 'Multi-talented men', part I

- Mike Dikson, 'Evenings on Olympus', part II

- Book reviews


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Vol. 4, no. 1 - Winter 2008/Spring 2009 - Contents:

- Sarah McCleave, 'Sources for understanding Sallé's Pigmalion'

- Madeleine Inglehearn, 'Dramas at Drury Lane'

- Elena Grillo, '"Dove sono I bei momenti" - The eclipse-ellipsis of love in the Italian Ballo Grande'

- Mike Dixon, 'Evenings on Olympus', part I

- Book and DVD reviews


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Vol. 3, no. 1 - Winter 2007/Spring 2008 - Contents:

- Françoise Dartois-Lapeyre, 'Une Pionnière en Histoire de la danse, Germaine Prudhommeau'

- Anne Bloomfield, 'Past inspirations and future practices - ways forward teaching historical dance in the primary school'

- Alexandra Carter, with Simon Dorling, 'Historiography and her story: the reminiscences of Cara Tranders, a Victorian ballet girl, 1895'

- Toby Bennett, 'A rich and varied palette: artistic choices and changes in the teaching of ballet'


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Vol. 2, no. 1 - Autumn 2006 - Contents:

- Colin Counsell, 'From Psyche to Soma: Laban, "Effort" and the Industrialisation of Expression'

- Victoria O'Brien, 'The Abbey School of Ballet (part 3)'

- Elena Grillo, 'Pepita and Vita'

- Astrid Bernkopf, 'Dramaturgy of Desire: An analytical approach to dance narratives'


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Vol. 1, no. 1 - Summer 2005 - Contents:

- Victoria O'Brien, 'The Abbey School of Ballet (part 2)'

- Lisa Fusillo, 'Massine's Le Tricorne - The Russian-Spanish Collaboration'

- Gabor Kovacs, 'Dance connections between Spain and the Austrian Habsburgs'

- Ricardo Barros, 'Considerations regarding the application of Rhetoric and the Theory of the Passions onto 17th & 18th century dance and music compositions'


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