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EADH Annual Conference 2015 - Belfast, Northern Ireland

European Association of Dance Historians

2015 Conference


Following the success of its 2014 conference, the European Association of Dance Historians gladly announces its next conference, in collaboration with the School of Creative Arts at Queen's University Belfast:

Choreographing Historical Works

Saturday 7th November - Sunday 8th November 2015

Queen's Film Theatre, University Square

Belfast BT7

The conference provides a forum for two different lines of enquiry and potential conversations between them. The first concerns the challenges of performing dances from the past, ranging from those for which we have no direct choreographic record to those for which some kind of notation exists. (Please note that 'the past' may cover periods ranging from mediaeval to twentieth century). What do we admit as evidence? How do we interpret this evidence? How do we fill any gaps in the evidence to create a coherent choreography?

The second line of enquiry concerns the goals of such a choreography: are we trying to preserve a past art form, or re-create it for the present?

Please send proposal of circa 200 words to eadhcommittee@gmail.com by 20 July 2015 stating any technical requirements. If live demonstration is a significant part of your paper, please indicate this for planning purposes.